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When you go to bed each night, you may fluff your pillow or stack several pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep. But did you know that your pillow could also be the reason you toss and turn all night?

A flat pillow might not support your neck. In contrast, a firm, plump pillow could lead to neck pain and cramping. The wrong pillow could worsen headaches, exacerbate arm numbness, and even trigger allergy symptoms.

At SpaceSleeper Pillow, we want you to enjoy the sound, restful sleep that you deserve. To help you sleep more comfortably, we’ve designed an innovative new travel pillow that cradles, comforts, and supports you.

Relax in Comfort and Improve Your Health

Experts agree that pillows greatly impact your sleep quality. The perfect pillow should let your head rest in a neutral alignment, allowing your head to sit comfortably on your shoulders with no forward or backward tilting.

With our SpaceSleeper Pillow, you can maintain a relaxed posture no matter where you go, whether you’re at home, in a hotel, or riding in the car. To learn more about what our travel pillow can do for you, read our benefits sections below.

Feel the Difference in Your Sleep Quality

With our online shopping cart, ordering the SpaceSleeper Pillow has never been easier. Click on your preferred size and color, and you’re on your way to a more restful evening.

If you have any questions about our travel and anti-wrinkle pillow, feel free to call us at 775-677-2700. Our friendly representatives will be happy to address your concerns and can guide you through the ordering process. 


If you suffer from TMJ Disorder, you are probably aware of the many products out there that claim to cure, or at least treat, your condition. Unfortunately, these claims are rarely supported with hard evidence. The SpaceSleeper Pillow is medically tested and approved. A clinical case study showed that the SpaceSleeper keeps you off your face 70% more than without it. By supporting the weight of your head, and keeping your jaw off the surface of your mattress or standard pillow, many of the painful symptoms of TMJ can be relieved.

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Did you know that 70% of facial wrinkles come from sleeping on your face? By preventing direct contact with your standard pillow or mattress, SpaceSleeper Pillow helps you avoid sleep wrinkles! Your skin condition and clarity may also improve due to lack of contact with dirt and oils that accumulate on standard pillows.

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A travel pillow in use


The SpaceSleeper Pillow is the perfect comfort companion while traveling, camping, boating, etc. By aligning your head and neck at a more natural angle, the SpaceSleeper Pillow helps you avoid the pain and discomfort caused by lack of proper support. Its compact size and weight of less than 12oz make it a great alternative to lugging around bulky standard pillows. And SpaceSleeper doesn't move or slide around, making it ideal for sleeping comfortably on every mode of transportation.

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